My tooth broke off, but it doesn’t hurt – do I still need treatment?

My tooth broke off, but it doesn’t hurt – do I still need treatment?

If your tooth broke off, it is a serious dental issue, even if it isn’t causing you pain. This likely means that you have suffered only a minor fracture, however even these types of tooth injury can leave jagged edges that can cut your tongue, and may cause issues with your bite. If left untreated, the break may become worse, and the inside of the tooth may become damaged.

What should I do if my tooth broke off?

Immediately after noticing a tooth broke off, it’s imperative that you contact our office for evaluation and treatment. Rinse your mouth with warm water in order to clear the area of any debris or food particles. If you have any bleeding, press against the tooth with some gauze or a damp tea bag until the bleeding stops. If pain does begin to occur, apply a cold ice pack or over-the-counter pain reliever such as ibuprofen can help. Make your way to our office as soon as possible; in many cases, breaks such as these are the result of tooth decay or infection.

If you can’t get to our office right away, you can protect your tooth using a temporary dental cement. These kits can be found at most drugstores, but are not a replacement for professional treatment. They’ll only protect your broken tooth for a few days. If you leave the tooth untreated, you may develop a dangerous and painful infection that can spread into your gums, bone, and other teeth. If left long enough, the tooth may die, resulting in tooth loss. It’s important that you visit our office as soon as possible in order to save yourself the time and expense of more extensive dental treatment later.

Teeth are made from the strongest material in the body, but they are not invincible. Breaks, cracks, and chips can happen in a number of ways. Whatever the cause of your break, it is very important that you seek treatment as soon as possible. It’s our goal to help all of our patients remain calm and comfortable throughout their visit, ensuring that you can enjoy a healthy, bright smile once more. 

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