Checkups & Cleanings

Checkups & Cleanings

Dentist Showing Child How To Brush TeethTEETH CLEANING

The basis of sound dental care is routine cleaning and maintenance. We customize cleanings on the basis of your periodontal, (gums and bone), health. We utilize medicated gels along with prescription mouth rinses in problem areas if necessary. Ultrasonic scalers are sometimes used to make the procedure more comfortable and effective as well. We use a hi-tech polishing brightener to remove extrinsic stains and dental plaque while simultaneously polishing tooth surfaces. Regular dental check-ups and x-rays help us help you stay healthy!

We strive to keep our patients up to date with new dental treatments or techniques that may benefit them. Therefore, we have created this site to provide you with information about important dental health issues and dental treatments that can improve oral hygiene and enhance your appearance.


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