Zoom Whitening

Zoom Whitening

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Zoom Whitening

You want to look your very best, and nothing makes a more positive first impression than a brilliant white smile that shows off your self confidence. If your smile is dull and doesn’t accurately represent who you are, then Zoom Whitening may be the answer that you’ve been searching for. Dr. Kososki of Plano can help to give you a bright white smile using the Zoom Whitening technique, so that you can look and feel your very best without having to worry about tooth discoloration or staining preventing you from putting your best smile forward.

What can I expect during a Zoom Whitening treatment?

A Zoom whitening treatment can only be carried out by a licensed dentist and is done chair side. The dentist will first perform a check up to make certain that there are no existing dental issues, which will typically be followed by a tooth cleaning. Once the dentist has remedied all other dental problems, they will cover your gums and lips, then a layer of bleaching solution is applied to your teeth. After the solution has set for 15 to 20 minutes the Zoom Advanced Power Lamp will be utilized to speed up the whitening process and to further enhance the results. The entire treatment usually takes about an hour. Though any dental issues that your dentist may have to fix before the Zoom Whitening process can begin may lengthen your chair time.

What are the advantages of Zoom Whitening?

As opposed to costly over the counter teeth whitening products, Zoom Whitening provides fast and significant results. Also, compared to a variety of other in office treatments, the light that Zoom Whitening uses a relatively low level of heat and the process is usually suitable for anyone with gum or tooth sensitivities. It’s best to inform your dentist beforehand of any hypersensitivity that you may have. Another of the primary advantages of Zoom Whitening is its cost. Given that it will provide you with long lasting results and can prevent you from undergoing more costly dental procedures in the near future (due to the fact that it improves your overall oral hygiene), it’s a budget conscious treatment.

 What are some of the dental issues that Zoom Whitening can fix?

There are a myriad of dental issues which Zoom Whitening can remedy. Stains, such as those caused by soda, coffee or juice, embed themselves in the enamel of your teeth and cause discoloration. Zoom whitening can help to eliminate the stains that are caused by the food and drink, as well as the stains which are a result of smoking. Aging can also cause your teeth to discolor. The grayish or yellowish tint that mature teeth may exhibit is another example of a dental issue that responds well to Zoom Whitening treatments.

Please call (972) 235-8900 or email us today to schedule your consultation with Dr. Kososki of Plano . She and him friendly staff are more than happy to answer any questions you may have about Zoom Whitening and can help you to achieve your most brilliant smile as soon as possible.




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