Should You Get a Root Canal?

Should You Get a Root Canal?

Getting a root canal is a strenuous procedure that aims to preserve a dead tooth. It is so complicated that dental professionals need extensive practice before they can even perform this procedure. While you may opt for extraction, there are those who want to keep the tooth intact, instead of going for implants. In most cases, you can go for a root canal if you still want to keep your tooth—including the bone around it.

Whichever option you choose, don’t waste too much time deciding. Keep in mind that most people require a root canal because they’re suffering from an infection affecting the area around their tooth. So, it’s definitely not a good idea to wait for the infection to worsen, especially since your mouth is vulnerable to different kinds of elements that may aggravate the swelling.

A root canal may be done based on the following signs of infection:

Pain While Eating – Gum pain can mean many things, but in this case, it might be caused by an infection. If you feel that you have difficulty chewing on food, then you may need to go to the dentist to know the cause of pain, and how it can be treated.

Tooth Darkening – A dead tooth also decays over time, and as it decays, it becomes more and more tainted. Tooth darkening is a result of dead pulp. This dead pulp is, in turn, caused by an infection that’s severe enough to choke out the blood supply of the tooth.

Pus – The presence of an infection will likely cause pus to accumulate between your tooth and gums. This is because of the body’s natural reaction to the infection, which is to convert dead white blood cells into pus, allowing the bad bacteria to be flushed out of your body to prevent further problems.

Presence of a Fistula – A fistula is a small bump on your gums that’s akin to a pimple. It’s essentially pus trying to get out. However, a fistula may not be present during infection, so it can be difficult to release the pus, which could further worsen the condition.

Deciding on Getting a Root Canal

Root canals may keep your tooth and its roots intact, but they can be very costly. This is why others go for implants instead, choosing to extract the tooth and replace it with a false one. However, there are also others who may feel that implants are inferior and don’t go well with real teeth. Whatever the case may be, it’s up to you to decide. If you get caught in a dilemma between a root canal and implants, you can always ask your dentist for professional advice.

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