First Blog From Kososki Dental – Plano TX

First Blog From Kososki Dental – Plano TX

Thanks for Checking Out Our New Blog…

Welcome to the new blog site for Kososki Dental. We have created this site to provide
our patients and the public in general with a valuable source of information, as well as a way
to keep you all informed about the newest dentistry treatments and procedures that we’ll be
offering in-office. We would like to take this opportunity to use this introductory blog post to
tell you a little about Kososki Dental, and to provide you with a handful of reasons why we
stand apart from many others within the dental field.

Kososki Dental offers a wide range of services, from regular dental check-ups to more
advanced cosmetic dentistry treatments, such as implants and Invisalign. It is our aim to give
our patients the higher level of quality care that they deserve, while still keeping our service
affordable. We are always happy to go over just how you might be able to maximize your
dental insurance benefits or can even set up alternative payment options for those who aren’t
insured. We truly believe that a brilliant, healthy smile should be within anyone’s reach, even
those who are on a fixed income or may not think that they have room in their budget for
necessary dental treatments.

We completely understand that paying your dentist a visit isn’t something that you may
particularly be looking forward to, and it can even be an experience that terrifies some
patients. Thus, we have created a warm and welcoming office environment, complete with a
friendly staff, that is designed to give even anxious or nervous patients a calm and relaxing
place to take care of all of their dental health needs. We customize office visits to meet your
needs, and to give you the opportunity to achieve your dental goals. After all, having a smile
that makes a great first impression can boost self esteem and change your life, in some
cases, as well as improve overall health. Therefore, we make it easy and convenient for all of
our patients to see a highly trained, experienced dentist at our location.

If you would like to learn more about our services or would like to schedule an
appointment, please call or email us to schedule your consultation with Dr. Kososki DDS in Plano TX. The
friendly and knowledgeable staff at Kososki Dental can help you to achieve a brilliant white
smile. Also, please check back often for informative posts about dental health and cosmetic
dentistry treatments that you may find helpful and useful.

Phone: (972) 235-8900