Can Flossing Loosen a Crown?

Can Flossing Loosen a Crown?

“Can flossing loosen a crown” is a common myth. To set the record straight, flossing your teeth doesn’t cause loosening of your crown, veneers or fillings. The problem is already present before you even floss. In other words, flossing didn’t cause the problem. In fact, it helped in identifying the problem.

A dental crown is made of either a ceramic or a porcelain. It offers an extensive cover to a damaged tooth. If your tooth is prone to cracking, crowns can provide overall security for the affected tooth. Depending on the type of crown you have, it can last a few years or a lifetime, as long as you know how to properly take care of it.

How to avoid your crown to loosen?

When flossing around your dental crown, ensure the floss will slide out. Don’t snap it up and out. At Manhattan Beach Dental Center, our dental hygienist will teach you the proper technique of flossing around your dental crown.

It’s also important that you brush your teeth with the use of a soft-bristle toothbrush. And brush twice a day using a toothpaste for sensitive teeth. This will prevent agitating your gum line. Sometimes, after receiving a dental crown, gum irritation may occur. To avoid it, use only the toothpaste recommended by your dentist.

What are the possible reasons your crown loosen?

Getting a dental crown doesn’t mean that your tooth becomes bulletproof. Your crowned teeth are still prone to cavities, which usually occur at the junction of the crown or along the gum line.

Your crown will also loosen if the cement isn’t strong enough to hold it. There are a number of reasons this thing happened. One of them is the fact that there was contamination of the cement while it’s being prepared. If this is your case, your dentist can easily re-cement the crown on your tooth.

Eating chewy foods can also cause your dental crown to loosen. Good thing is that a crown that has been pulled off as the result of eating sticky food can be re-cemented on the tooth. After that, you should be careful in eating those foods. As much as possible, avoid them.

A dental crown can break, especially if you apply lots of force to it. When the crown breaks, it can fall off. It can form a crack causing the crown to loosen its seal. And when you floss, the crown will just fall off. To avoid it, you should avoid consuming hard foods. Never use your crowned tooth for biting or as a tool. If you do so, you’re only applying unnatural stresses on the affected tooth. Subjecting it to unnatural forces could just stress the cement that holds the crown.

So, when your crown loosens or falls off, you shouldn’t blame flossing. The most likely reason would be one of those causes mentioned above. The best thing that you must do is to see your dentist right way. A temporary crown cement can be applied while waiting for your dental appointment. It can hold the crown temporarily. But don’t wait too long before your problem is addressed. See your dentist as soon as you can to resolve the issue.

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