Can Dental Assistants Do Fillings?

Can Dental Assistants Do Fillings?

Can Dental Assistants Do Fillings? Dental assistants are critical in the success of a dental office. In addition to helping the patient and the dentist, the assistant’s responsibilities will also include knowing about the dental instruments being used in the dental office. He must be able to transfer instruments from the tray to the hands of the dentist.

When it comes to fillings, dental assistants can place and/or remove temporary fillings. But they can’t drill your teeth. It’s the job of the dentist. Bear in mind that these assistants can work closely with the dentist but they always work under the supervision of the dentist.

Before the patient meets the dentist, they’re the ones assisting them. They also assist dentists during certain procedures. Apart from being an assistant to the dentist, they’re also tasked to assist dental hygienists during a treatment procedure.

Other Duties of Dental Assistants

In addition to those responsibilities mentioned above, these assistants also play a role of taking dental x-rays and asking the patient’s medical history. These duties of theirs will make dentists’ role a lot easier as they simply have to focus on the procedure and the patient.

To make sure that the instruments are safe and free of bacteria, dental assistants will serve as an infection control officer by sterilizing the instruments and equipment used by the dentist.

Dental Fillings

Before dental assistants can place or remove dental fillings from the patients’ teeth, the patients must first be seen and evaluated by their dentists. All dental filling procedures will be undertaken only after your dentist’s recommendation.

If your dental fillings are showing decay, will recommend getting them replaced as soon as possible. This is necessary to avoid the decay to lead to an infection. Replacing them can provide longer term benefits.

Some patients would insist on having their metal fillings be replaced for aesthetic reasons. Perhaps, they don’t want people to see those dark fillings when they open their mouth, they sing or while they laugh.

However, replacing fillings must be done with careful consideration. If we feel that the replacement wouldn’t compromise the benefits, then replacements could be done.

When it comes to metal fillings, there’s no need for them to be replaced. Most of the dental fillings available are amalgam. This is means that it’s made of alloy with mercury, tin, copper and other metals.

Although there are some concerns that have been raised in the past years regarding the use of mercury in dental amalgam, there are no studies that could prove that amalgam is unsafe. In fact, the American Dental Association supports its use as safe and effective treatment for any type of dental decays.

If you’re unsure of whether or not you need to replace your metal dental fillings, you should ask Dr. Kososki and not the dental assistant. Dr. Kososki will be the one to perform thorough examination of your teeth and determine whether or not you need replacements.

To find out whether or not you need to replace your dental fillings, visit Kosoki Dental or call us today.

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