The Best Natural Tooth Whitening Methods

The Best Natural Tooth Whitening Methods
The Best Natural Tooth Whitening Methods

Advance Dental Care Austin, TexasMost of us are all so caught up with tooth whitening methods that at times, we don’t even know what’s safe and what’s not. However, a good number of people around the world have since opted for safer alternatives to conventional tooth whitening methods that may not be safe for everyone.

One thing we all need to learn about tooth whitening is that it’s actually almost remote to even whiten your teeth naturally. Your teeth aren’t actually really white in color and most of its colorization is caused by its own outer layer revealing its yellowish interior. We’d probably go as far as to say that it’s really nothing to be alarmed over, but oftentimes, it’s difficult to live with teeth that aren’t pearly white, so to speak.

If you need some help in whitening your teeth, here are a few things you can try.


  • Brushing your teeth


Okay, so this one’s obvious, but it’s highly advisable that you brush your teeth twice a day—typically in the morning and before you go to bed. Although toothpaste may not bring back your teeth’s outer coating, brushing is still a great prevention method and doing so will help you remove stains.


  • Using apple cider vinegar


Apple cider vinegar is a naturally acidic substance and can be used in tooth whitening, since its acidity is enough to remove stains on your teeth. What’s more is that apple cider vinegar is also effective in disinfecting your teeth and it could be your best friend in the years to come.


  • Consuming antioxidant-rich food


Did you know that antioxidants can actually help in maintaining the look of your teeth? Yes! They make your teeth look and feel healthy, so don’t forget to get some pulp out of your fruit so you can actually go about making your teeth remain as lovely as possible.


  • Using baking soda and lemon juice


Mixing together baking soda and lemon juice into a mushy paste can totally help in getting rid of those stains on your teeth. The downside, however, is that the mixture can turn corrosive over time, so it’s really not advisable to apply the paste on your teeth every single day. Always remember to do it in moderation!

Whether or not you’re opting to look good by whitening your teeth, it’s always a great idea to observe proper hygiene, especially when it comes to your teeth and gums.

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